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Highlights: Avinash and Hanna wedding | Radisson Blu Deira wedding

Dubai is surely a home to many of us. Avinash (the groom) who lives in London, eventually ended up tying the knot in Dubai where he shared his childhood memories. Like they say "We ended up right back where we started from". Besides being a cute couple, they surely put in a lot of effort to make this happen. They're blessed with a good family and set of frie[...]

Teaser: Beverly and Robert wedding | St joseph church abu dhabi wedding

Presenting the couple who came from halfway across the world to get hitched at the St Josephs Church Abu Dhabi. A lot of us pay great attention to detail and this couple was no exception, they really had many innovative ideas put together for their wedding. We loved the "Just married" board hung up behind the Rolls, a rare sight for this region. Oh and yes, [...]

Teaser: Dennise and Nirmal wedding | Park Hyatt Wedding ceremony

A wedding that had it all. Right from the moment the groom arrived on his flashy horse at the Jebel Ali Gurudwara to the gorgeous bride dressed in a beautiful lehenga for their reception at Atlantis Dubai. The couple then exchanged vows at the Park Hyatt Dubai afterwhich we we thrown back with the amazing show they put up with their Tango performance.
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