Our candid photography style combines photojournalism with attention to capturing all the gorgeous details. As for commercial images, we help build the brands and showcase the talent of various clients. We specialize in taking photographs and videos for corporate events, dubai annual parties, Dubai seminars, launch parties etc.


Wedding Photographer Dubai
dubai wedding photographer

Establishing a relationship with your photographer long before your wedding will make a difference in the outcome of your wedding images.  I strive to make the entire process as relaxing and fun for everyone involved in these photos as possible. As every couple and every wedding is unique, I will spend a considerable amount of time reviewing the style and list of the potential poses, the number of photographs you would like, as well as the amount (time) of coverage required. Your package requirements will be discussed well in advance in order to plan your perfect day and a great experience. More details


Wedding Cinematography Dubai
wedding videographers in dubai

Wedding cinema has undergone a dramatic transformation in the last decade, evolving from the simple “point-and-shoot” of old to an artform in and of itself.  Your memories deserve to be captured as clearly as you remember them and I try to make that possible using our knowledge  of lighting, sound, and technique.  With a largely candid approach, my films deliver pristine quality and raw emotion like few else know how while letting you bask in the love of family and friends uninterrupted. In Dubai wedding cinematography, documenting highlights is another important part of the filming process. The myriad small ceremonies that comprise a traditional wedding form a part of these highlights. While the team of photographers should be briefed about these ceremonies, it is also the wedding cinematographer’s responsibility to capture them properly for a good final cut. More details


Events Photographer Dubai
freelance event photographer dubai

Our event photography style combines the best elements of reportage, portraiture and social documentary that will give you results that seem effortless and expertly candid. Our images are fresh, innovative and with great attention to detail, we will provide a highly personalized approach to every single event. The end result is expressive, contemporary photography. From corporate events to any special and social event, we are happy to provide an obligation-free quote matched with your exact requirements. More details


Events Videographer Dubai
event videographer dubai

I specialize in capturing videos and making footage for corporate events, annual parties, Dubai seminars and launch parties. I am a people person and I am also very patient. I am ready to wait for as long as possible to capture perfect moments even if it requires a lot of patience. More details


Prenup photography / Pre wedding photography Dubai / Engagement Photographer Dubai
prenup photographer dubai

All of my portrait work is done on location. As clients are most comfortable in locations special to them, location shoots often produce the best pictures. Depending on the season and the look you want to achieve in your portraits, there are a number of urban and park settings that can be considered.  Please also keep in mind that most photography is done within the existing natural light conditions of the day. We will discuss ideal times for your session, considering your location, as well as the time of year for your session. On the day of the shoot, wear something that makes you feel fabulous (and comfortable)! If you like, bring along multiple outfits and accessories. More details