With exceptional video recording capabilities, I serve my clients with my best work. As a freelance Videographer in Dubai, I am aware of the art of capturing video and a wide range of images in Dubai videography through electronic media. I can also broadcast events live and I can also capture videos for internet broadcasting.

Our Dubai weddings showreel

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With my impeccable expertise in freelance Videography dubai and first rate equipment, I do not only provide with good work, I serve with the best work. I record videos for corporate events, annual parties, Dubai seminars and launch parties. I possess and operate a variety of video equipment and I edit footage to meet my client’s requirements. With the latest equipment consisting of first class cameras, tripods. Digital storage devices, computers, editing equipment and sound mixing equipment, I provide my clients with videos that seem professional and are excellent for publishing on the internet or television. Please note that I do not possess a video camera which feature digital zooming options so you do not have to worry about disturbed and grainy zoomed images appearing on your footage. I prefer optical zooming so that the zoomed image comes out realistic, smooth and perfect.

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dubai events photography
dubai events photography
dubai events photography
dubai events photography

I am trained with all the effects in my camera so if I feel that anything needs a touch of some flavor or style then I will be aware of the right effects to spice it up and make it more interesting. I will edit the footage and remove unnecessary details that need to be cut out of the footage, only adding what is most important and relevant. Every relevant detail will be captured and I can assure you that the footage you will be getting will be above and beyond perfect.

Finding a Dubai freelance Videographer can be quite tough especially when you do not want a huge hole being burnt through your pocket. Well, you can stop worrying because I am actually quite a cheap Videographer in Dubai. However, with less money does not come less effort. Every piece of footage I make no matter what the price will be recorded to perfection. You do not have to worry about any details being missed out or the footage being too long or too short.

As a law abiding citizen, I will not cause harm to any of my clients by publishing or broadcasting a video without the client’s consent. All videos will be submitted to the client alone and will not be published to third party sites. Confidential information will remain private and will not be shared or sold for a profit. I am a freelance Videographer Dubai and I do not work for any company that requires videos or images of people or public events so you do not have to worry about me selling your footage either.